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[Sell]or[Exchange][Thief Cloak][F8][37/56]

Author[Sell]or[Exchange][Thief Cloak][F8][37/56]
Thief cloak has 16% fire enchant on it.

Cost of enchants:

18% - 24E
16% - 19e
14% - 15E
12% - 12e
10% - 9e
8% - 6E
6% - 4E
4% - 2E
2% - 1E

Will sell or trade this art.

I will accept 80% of the elements invested on cloak, or gold equivalent, or the value in gold. You basically get the artifact itself for HALF PRICE whatever market value is at the time of purchase as a further incentive.

PM me if you wish to negotiate different options like gold+arts in lieu of straight up gold+elements, or just gold or elements.

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