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Insight on Demons 1 results


AuthorInsight on Demons 1 results
I know, thats why I asked :)
It would be really worth congratulating if someone made it to the top30 with a magic build.
iam 2nd in lvl 6 with a try

i played once and got 2nd rank :P
sven, i think it's really easy for level 15 players to reach top 30 with magic build :p

this person claimed that he reached wave 27 (penaltimate death wave for lvl 10) with mage build.... may not be the best score..... but its appreciable if he did reach wave 27..... u can check his war logs to locate the battle and let us know too....
he did 1 attempts as a magic demon and made it to wave 6....
for xms: I played once and got 1st rank))).
for Innerren:

good then ))
for xms: not bad I think)).
when will the prize distribution take place.... m getting lil impatient here.... :)
for T1000:

same here
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