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Insight on Demons 1 results


AuthorInsight on Demons 1 results
for Sven91:
for agnim1:

1-10 = gold
11-20 = silver
21-30 = bronze
for agnim1:
@Konan: are you just guessing or do u have any credible source to verify this?
can you help me,please?

My result is 31 place

but my score is equal 30

It have a chance that i have a award?


sorry about grammar.
for T1000:
At least so was on Russian server
@23: i guess u both are rank 30..... so should both get award.... but not sure will it be split between 2 or what will happen... but both will get award...
@konan: thats nice.... if it was.... now i am glad and feel lucky to get rank 9 (lvl 10).... :)
for Abilito:
Generally you are not allocated by colour - means will not receive neither a medal nor 10 %
Thoght tge tournement first stopped today at 12 :o(

I wanted to make my last try now
if you are 1st or 10th does not matter at all
same gold prize and same medal i think
yeah! 30th, after my 2 4th places from yesterday i´m very glad! :)

gratz to Inneren 4 the last miute win, lvl 10!
nice tourney!

grats to all winners
i am getting lil impatient here.... but when will the prizes be distributed??
but when will the prizes be distributed??

gold in 12levl knight ST and+gold in 12levl insight demon
21st place with 2 warrior try nice..
50 out of 233 in lvl 10 :)
"but when will the prizes be distributed??"

"ASAP :)"

usually within the next week;)
Just wondering, can anyone give me a link to someone that did end in the top30 as a magic demon (combat lev10 and higher if possible please)

Because as far as i could see EVERYONE chose might demon :)
for Sven91:

Magic is not for demons).
magic is for demon
but would never for survival :)
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