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the dark side

Authorthe dark side
Hello Lordswm. Im bringing you, The Dark Side Clan!
Here's a bit info :

The Dark Side

Long time ago,there live many types of creatures from this world. They live to protects the world of Empire...

Until a day,comes a huge army of knights,elves,wizards,barbarians,necromancers,demons and dark elves. All the faction co operate each other because they have a very powerful leader named THE LORD OF WAR.

Although their names like the bad guys,they not harm peoples. They form a great clan named THE DARK SIDE from that seven faction with powerful creature. Until then,the great clan begins to workout with empire to protect this world named LORDS OF WAR AND MONEY.

Well,the chronicler of the clan will develop the clan and the clan will be in the greatest among all. Its up to you players,recruit player to enter the world of dark.....

Then, join us!

no tax, cheep, clan events and even more as renting, enchanting, random arts are given by me, repair
d'you have cookies?
@cynic ????
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