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Here players can name there favourite Pc games and dicuss them....

I like Gta san andreas and NFS most wanted
all of them played... i like WRC the new one, colin mcrae rally dirt 2 and almost all rally games
Prince of Persia and Mademan
heroes of might & magic 3
is my all-time fav pc game
Heroes of Might and Magic 5
...and March it will be: Might and Magic: Heroes 6 ;)
Call of Duty all episods Mediavel Total War 7 parts
aoe series, starcraft 2
cod ( call of duty)
hey I played Prince of Persia: The 2 thrones..........
and that is very very awesome
same call of duty and gta..

almost counter-strike and left4dead
i like warcraft3 and also dota(defends of the ancients) a map in warcraft
diablo 1 and 2
and whait for diablo 3 now
i like warcraft3 and also dota(defends of the ancients) a map in warcraft
league of legends :)
Prototype (The most awesome game I ever played)
Assassins Creed 2 (Among the best stories)
AOE Series
Starcraft 2
GTA SA (I still dont have 4 . . . WTF!!!)

Those are among my favorites! :D
pc : Homm series from 3 to 5
and lord of the rings battle for middle earth 2
PoP all,Bionic Commando GTA all series and that's it
GTA new is spiderman,dragonball and superman..at your country what new gta PC?
AOE 2& 3,AoM,RoN,Homm5,Doom3,war craft etc..
@ Jack-Sparrow
In India, we have GTA 4 as newest edition....
NFS Hot Pursuit 3
Assassin creed 2
Max Payne-yeah it's old but it's an awesome game of it's time.
Total Overdose
Counter Strike-We have expert players in India participating in it's tournaments.
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