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30th ST - lvl 15

Author30th ST - lvl 15
since noone plays tourney (I presume so cause today is thursday and noone posted anything) I'll admit, I played few times...

it's boring after wave 12...

Amount of attempts: 7 (2)
Highest score: [Necromancer] 260742

could do better, don't think it would be enough for bronze with guin-monster, bojiod-faction10 and nutty dalmatian kratos-faction9....

since noone of you necro powers refuse to share, I'll share to all lvl 15 players waves on 1 condition - no sharing with necros...

just PM me, you'll get what I know...

happy tourney for all...

btw, I won't be faction 8 forever... kissy-kissy-goodbye...
closed by Lord Barilla (2011-01-27 21:53:48)
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