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the heart of the stone titan

Authorthe heart of the stone titan
question 1:what does it do?

if you got this heart looking thing you can sell it to the shop for enormous gold!

question 2:where does it found?

mostly found in neutral titan creatures not in player titan own troops

question 3:how many percent of chances on getting this?

its about 2%

question 4:how much its give if i sell it?

about 50 000-100 000 gold

question 5:this item missing something

well then explain it to me its my first time putting this topic
and question 6:you do something wrong

well i don't know what is this forum for and explain to me what kind of mistakes i've done
i forgot to type sell in the topic name sorry
and hey don't forget to give me a thumb up or more thumb up!
Topic moved from "Hunter artifacts" to "Off-game forum".
-Too much gold worth. Maybe 10 gold worth?
Suggested: Inability to change location while you posses it due to weight?
Attracts more Titan hunts than usual as they come after you for Revenge?
for Victory111:
All threads under the trade forum are for selling artifacts and services to other players personally without using the market. Those forums are also strictly moderated, so don't post there unless you want to sell something. It would be good you spend some time reading the local rules posted in the sticky threads in each trade forum section.

Example of local rules for Ordinary Artifacts section:

Since you do not look like you are selling anything, so your thread has been moved.
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