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You know you're addicted to Lords when...

AuthorYou know you're addicted to Lords when...
Ok, I'll start. Just list all the random stuff you can think of. Lol.

You sell a steel buckler and wonder how much more money you need to buy a diamond :P
When theres 10 minutes left before the final bell rings and your walking around the halls asking people what the enroll code says on your phone
When you are spam-clicking refresh right after the facility workshift ends and fighting with hundreds other player to be able to sell at least 1 ore.
..I saw Lordswm's advertisement
you log in 20times in a day from phone even when you cant enroll or play.

yours girlfriends ask you out and you answer: i can't i have to enroll in 20minute.

you rather kill your family than stop playing.

yours just born kid name is alyna.
enroll code says on your phone
when you're actually using your phone to log onto lwm :p

when you create this topic.

when you reference lwm terms while talking about real life topics.
When you meet people in real life, you introduce yourself by your username instead of your real name.
When you reach your workplace in less than 2/3 minutes, you walk on the spot there because you're "Still travelling"
When you start working, you work for 1 minute then stop because you are "already employed" and "are working" and must wait fifty-nine more minutes to "work again"
When you donate during the dark ages...
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