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selling of clan

Authorselling of clan
Want to sell my clan want 300000 gold
[Player banned by moderator cantbstopped until 2011-02-27 14:11:18 // Posting in wrong section + an attempt to sell a clan (rule #3.27.1)]
Lol, nice price!

3.27.1. Clan ownership can be passed to another character free of charge only. Clan treasury must be transferred to the new leader and deposited in full to the clan treasury (except paid commission). In case of Military clan it can only be transferred after consulting the new candidate for leadership with the clan members. Such consulting must be held in the "Clans" section of the forum.

So selling a clan is illegal now, it can be done only free of charge.
official registering with ur own name cost only 100k LOL
50% of lordswm players dont read news and dont know rules...
for tubai:
Mate, if you will do that you'll definitely have some serious problems with the law since that 3.27.1 rule. Besides this section was not designated for selling anything so...
closed by Lord cantbstopped (2011-02-26 17:10:38)
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