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ICC Cricket Worldcup-2011


AuthorICC Cricket Worldcup-2011
100 in 72 balls great chance of losing
Afridi is gone ! sure win for India ! they WILL beat srilanka tooo !!!
and the WC is ours Again!!
I think you underestimate Sri Lanka. The one WC India has won which was in 1983 was a huge upset. The West Indies were expected to crush India in the final. Upsets can happen in one day cricket, and I don't think India enter the finals as huge favourites anyway.

No-one in this tournament was a stand out favourite such as the Windies in the early years, or Australia in it's era of dominance.
Man India is going to take the cup now!!!!!! ohh YEAHHH
@ 125
I hope so
120 Indians hope so
*120 crore
India will enter final and crush Sri Lanka and lift the cup.
A wish come true..
Before the Ind Vs Aus match ...lets hope we get to see a Indian team winning Vs Pak ;)
wo0t! India vs Pak, India won by 29 runs.....

X3 cheers.

Hip! Hip! Hurray!
Hip! Hip! Hurray!
Hip! Hip! Hurray!

Now, India vs Sri lanka......

Hope! India wins..........
Best of luck India!!!!!!!!!!!! :D
lots of crackers here!!
great match, :)
Wooooooot... Wat a match :) :) :) hard to get over it..
Crackers all over the place and makes me go deaf. Almost burnt my a** with the crackers :p cant wait for the finals :)
An all Asian finals!!! U can call it the Indian subcontinent =)
ohm looks like we don't have any pak players here :(
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