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ICC Cricket Worldcup-2011


AuthorICC Cricket Worldcup-2011
oh India were 267/1 now 298/10 all out.... :(
No.. 296/10 all out
The batting powerplay has gone wrong to INDIA
very worst in last 12 overs
What a collapse by India. Obviously the best thing is Australian victory. After that, seeing England fail is second, but India getting beaten is a close third. Go South Africa!
If Australia meets INDIA in quaters
Australia meets dust
that match was most unfortunate fr India
the other batsman ruined the century of sachin :(( :((

projected score was 410 :\
@45 While India isn't a great team, and doesn't have the winning history of Australia, calling them dust is overly harsh.
Well but Australia has gone weak after the retirement of Gilly and Hyden
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Australia always a professional team, they know how to win and they do anything to win.i mean anything!!! that's why they are better.
But India as usual a bit lazy team, with lot of water balloons :)
i still can't believe yuraj's carrier change from one of the best international fielder to a ordinary fielder with no stamina( water balloon).
Damn hell that India lost against SA. We'll win against Canada (99% sure). Have to win against West Indies too to have a chance for top spot.
today, i'm going to watch WI vs England in stadium guys...
its happening in chennai
india cannot have a match with canada since canada belongs to group a
india will easily win against the west indies for sure
WI wont know what hit them when they get bowled out
for terrorizerer2:
don't be so sure indies bowlers are really doing great espescially kemar roach and we have seen the credibility of middle order of india in last matches so the result may change.
i am very excited by the today match between India and west Indies . i hope India win. lets cheers for India
I don't care about india winning let's hope sachin scores a 100 and gets the 100th 100!
yeah, he missed it last time due to someone's mistake (not sure whether it was a mistake?;) ).
India beats West Indies by 80 runs:)

India will meet Australia in Ahmedabad on Thursday while Pakistan face West Indies in Mirpur; New Zealand take on South Africa also in Mirpur and Sri Lanka meet England in Colombo.
One who is called GOD OF CRICKET really showed his respect towards cricket
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