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#711 The Rise of the Pheonix


Author#711 The Rise of the Pheonix
sure limustudotcom
today at 10 o'clock lvl6 group battle tournament
today at 5 o'clock lvl8 group battle tournament
anyone is welcome to join the clan and take part

40 members now
we have our first pheonix - Joan_of_ark with 210 clan points
[Player banned by moderator Magier until 2011-04-14 14:22:03 // Local rule 6.1. Bumping the thread more than once in 24 hours is forbidden. - warning (10 minutes)]
the group battle event is over
we have our first allied clan #484 destroyers of chaos
50 members !!!!!!
come and join the best clan in lordswm !!!!!
join our clan now and take part in our dueling tournament starting in a weeks time
welcome dark_X_shadow
great turn out for the tournament already
i rather see the fall of the phoenix
what ?
welcome zool3
SLAYERblade has been blocked !!!!! =(((
currently trying to raise enough funds to create this clan again with me as the leader so we have one any donations are welcomed and given as clan points to our members
i am looking for donations either money or artifacts currently auctioning thief mask at 18,500 if anyone is interested

also send me a mesage if you have a name for new clan
can i join the clan
dan do not post on here asking to join you arent level5 yet
i have made a new clan : The Dawn of the Phoenix to take over from this one as the leader is blocked and will have the same calender info prices etc.
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