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#711 The Rise of the Pheonix


Author#711 The Rise of the Pheonix
we are a new clan looking for members
invitation cost 750 gold no tax

--clan smiths-- and --enchanters--
SLAYERblade-10% Send elements
repair cost

--clan renting--

needs at least 20 members
at which great hunter arts will be available

--clan events--

monthly tournaments
special tournies on special occasions

--clan point system--

50 gold donate-1 point
1 recruit-10 points

200 points pheonix
500 points master pheonix

updates to the clan will be posted here
message me if you want an invite
welcome shaddomancer
welcome liverly and zayar
welcome C4508
welcome hallion91
welcome hablaty
welcome susliks123
welcome heart_breaker
duelling tournament tommorow
tournament today
I fought yesterday, because my opponent hurried up and challenged me. I had no chance because he used a fully enchanted sword :(
We fixed a min. AP fight, but I haven't in mind he can trick me this way...
for Shaddomancer:unlucky are you suggesting that we ban enchanted arts in our duell and gb tournaments ?
welcome to The Rise of the Pheonix clan

invitation costs 750 gold
message one of the recruiters or our leader.
there is no tax!!
we want to grow as a clan fast so everyone
who joins becomes a recruiter for free


1.main account
3.obide by game rules
4.have fun

any breaches of these rules will mean eviction from the clan
with no refund

-- clan services --

-- clan smiths --
SLAYERblade-10% repair cost only.
hablaty-90% for 110%

-- clan enchanters --
SLAYERblade-just send elements.
hablaty-just send elements. weapon 2*6% armor 2*6% jewellery 2*8%

-- clan artifact renting service --
gh ring dex-250
gh ring charm-250
gh amulet-450
gh helmet-350
gh boots-150
gh maskrobe- 450
gh armour-450
gh knuckleduster-350
gh shield-150

total set 3000

Master hunter ring of flight-100
Master hunter ring of dexterity-355
Master hunter jackboots-100
Master hunter shield-100
Master hunter maskrobe-100
Master hunter armor-350
Master hunter amulet-300
Master hunter helmet-300
Master hunter cutlass-150

1855 total set
pm merlin36 if interested

-- clan events --
the clan will hold monthly duelling and gb tournaments
special events will happen at times like christmas and easter.

clan lotteries at the end of each month more info on these will come later

message the leader if you want to be a recruiter
special possitions like herald will be given to any winners of the tournaments

point system
50 gold donation - 1 point
1 player recruited - 10 points
3rd place in any tourney official or clan event - 10 points
2nd place - 30points
1st place-50 points
200 points - pheonix
500 points - master pheonix

if you get one of these it will apear in your status
and at master pheonix you will get all the clan ranks and entry to the "elite circle of pheonix's"
in which you get to make important decisions and organise clan events and suggest a new one to add.

join now!!!
lots of clan events in the pipeline check the clan ebsites forum for details
we are looking for clans to become

allies = members of allied clans get in for 500 gold

enemies = regular group battles between clans
[Player banned by moderator Jedi-Knight until 2011-04-03 20:04:42 // Local Rules 6.1, 6.4 & 6.5/Warning]
group battle tournament next week
this should be a store :) 7-11 ;P
for xWounded: ;)
You have a GB tourney coming soon? PM me some information maybe we can play across clans?
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