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exp+fsp stop button

Authorexp+fsp stop button
my multi is on level 4 right now, and i know that to save money, it's better to do as much hunts as possible before leveling to lvl 5 not to waste min AP money on easy hunts. but this means that i cannot play GB's or duels, which are the most fun thing for low levels (i enjoyed it very much when my main character was a low level)
if there was a button to stop getting exp and fsp, then we would be able to have fun without leveling up when we dont want to
-1 absurd idea you have to manage the exp at a particular lvl urself
that's different. i know that my character will have the best results if i just do hunts, and that's what i'm doing. but that is very bring, especially on low levels, while low level GB's are fun but give too much exp.
i know that my character will have the best results if i just do hunts
By best results do you mean fsp? If you do, your character will have best results by doing TG.
for DragonEater:
im talking about low levels

Stopping xp is the main problem in this game.
FSP can be limited in a given level, so that no one would be overpowered.
But there should be a way to control your fsp/xp ratio, because a strategy player should be able to make decisions about fsp/xp ratio.

I would really play this game again with such a good option.
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