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Chat with Searing horses

AuthorChat with Searing horses
[Searing horses]: btw i m from greece
[General_IB]: really?
[Searing horses]: i'm aa boy
[General_IB]: guess it is obvious
[Searing horses]: no mana
[General_IB]: really?
[Searing horses]: and after ghosts i think
[General_IB]: what ghosts?
[Searing horses]: i dont care for them
[General_IB]: neither do I
[Searing horses]: go!!
[General_IB]: ok, ok take it easy
[Searing horses]: i know
[General_IB]: you will loose
[Searing horses]: *sigh*
[General_IB]: but it is true
[Searing horses]: but sometimes the luck help me out
[General_IB]: not this time though
[Searing horses]: stay
[General_IB]: ok will defend
[Searing horses]: we don't have other ways to kill it now
Treefolk defend.
[General_IB]: i know, so it is victory
[Searing horses]: i am not doom yet...for now..
[General_IB]: yes you are... you loose

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