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something new needed...!!!

Authorsomething new needed...!!!
hey guys
i think dat keep on doing same n same thing again makes u loose interest
although the group battles nd st are amazin and really changing but i think they should introduce some new kinds of battles in the game
may be a new type of tournament.....!!!

gimme a +1 if u feel da same
why to give new battles if people even aint using oldest gc or nomal groups
certainly i definetly agree that something new should be brought in

new : events , tournaments , battle types

all of them would be good for the game but people acctually need to come up with something i think we should make a thread where people can post any of these that they come up with
merlin u have 3 multis only 2 are allowed
wait for 1st may!
i m waiting
lol, join the back of the line buddy. Plenty of us have been waiting for years to get new stuff.
yeah i hope they give us a real treat on 1st may
for naapa92:
people might be lukin for something new
as i said before
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