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A new background for lordswm

AuthorA new background for lordswm
How about we do some a nice background for lordswm,at the main lordswm(at sign in place),that was a great background.And here about it:

How about we do in our character at personal page? (at our comp. we can see there was nothing :( ,and it is so empty.we must do some background.

how about you all?
the page seems a little blank and boring
Don't think it'll be done, but anything that brightens up the place can't be a bad idea. :)

+++++ :)
Anyone dont want:

to this forum???

i guess that would be good. +1
but can you design one ....
but can you design one .... ]

Yup i think it will be war background.
btw i forgot to give you:

yup i think the game needs some painting
agree with you
but can you design one

that would make the game much more colourful and war-ish.
TQ all :)
Next? +1 or +5 ?
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