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[Lease][Enchanted Magic & Might Arts]

Author[Lease][Enchanted Magic & Might Arts]
Might artifacts:

Ruby gladius [I10E10A10W10F10] - 2000/battle (Level 12)
Composite bow [I10E10A10W10] – 1400/battle (Level 11)
Mithril longsword [E9A9W9F9] - 1200/battle (Level 9)
Thief dagger [E10A6W7F7]- 1000/battle (Level 6)
Longbow [E7A7W7] – 700/battle (Level 6)
Sword of might [E10] – 350/battle (Level 7)

Magic Artifacts:

2 x Penumbral ring [A7F8] – 800/battle (each ring) (Level 10)
Locket of crystallized tears [A7F8] – 800/battle (Level 10)
Sorcerer cape [A6F6] – 700/battle (Level 12)
Scroll of energy [A4F4] – 400/ battle (Level 10)

Additional information:
For “Angels & Demons” and “Stay Thirsty My Friends” clan-mates 10% off. For “The Heroes of Armageddon” 30% off. For real life friends 50% off :)
The time for each battle is 1.5 hours. If you don’t use the arts I’ll pay back 60% of the price.
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