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Let's forge TGI's

AuthorLet's forge TGI's
why pay a million gold for a piece of paper if we can fake our own, =) just build a printing press in your castle, employ a couple of well educated magi, and we can all have a tgi. =)

but beware of the Empire-Guards(police), always have your soldiers take turns sleeping and guarding the castle, or the government might overrun it and burn down your castle along with the illegal activities

oh, and keep it on the low ;D
Ghost_Face [10] [Dark elf]
Thieves' guild: 2 (173) +67


Careful! Doing business with a semi-professional thief...
Don't be fooled! Ghost_Face was caught by the Empire-Guards and betrayed the TG. It is a good thing he never had the Thief Leader's Trust, so he was never privy to any real secrets.

Anyway Ghost_Face is now helping the Empire-Guards in their sting operation to catch wanna-be thieves. All just because he couldn't take life behind bars.
^^ Who has Thief Leader's Trust
Thief Leader does not seem to wanna travel from Russia to the English server . . . lol
Actually, I AM the Thief Leader =)
only the master thief can come up with such a plan as i did (:
Actually, I AM the Thief Leader =)
only the master thief can come up with such a plan as i did (:

how we can get your trust?:)
how we can get your trust?

well, there is a problem with that...
when the admins employed me to work as a Thief Leader, they didn't notice a very important thing in my job resume. you see, Ghost_Face has Shizophrenia, meaning has a mental disorder that makes it nearly impossible to trust anyone. but my cousin that works on the ru. server is perfectly healthy, i guess this server was just unlucky heheh
Oh, me too! I have a question!

Why does the Thief Leader need to forge TGIs?
Why does the Thief Leader need to forge TGIs?

ahh good question, good question =)
well believe it or not, TGIs are actually magical. there is only one way to get it from me and that is through a sacrificial ritual. there is a huge rock out in the yard of my mansion in Silent Hill, and the rock is magical. You put 80Diamonds on the rock, and the diamonds disappear but in return you get a TGI. a couple of months ago i decided to start forging them to keep the diamonds for myself, but now nobody even wants to buy the TGI with diamonds anymore, so i'm giving away the secrets of forging TGIs =)
Under the dead night Pantheon silently sneaks into Ghost_Face's yard. Then without a sound Pantheon's strongest troops haul the 3 ton magical rock away. On the long journey back to his own hideout Pantheon has his 7 armies take turns lugging the rock as quickly as possible.

Safely back in the hideout Pantheon listens to the rock's thoughts. Then he raises the rock back to life. And with arcane magic he makes a sword appear within the rock. Pantheon's virtue pulls the sword out. With the sword his barbarian strength splits open the seemingly solid rock. Inside the hollow rock is a dark void. As Pantheon releases his demonic gate into the void, an endless stream of diamonds comes pouring out.
NOOOO, i knew i shouldn't have drank those 20 bottles of Ale.. i start giving out secrets =((
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