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wen does new tourney start
No st :(?
wtf no tourny!
Probably monday.
just a little patience...

maybe its a good sign and we'll have some other tourney like blindfold (just to spread some rumors^^)

st happens every 2 weeks, i can wait for next one a little longer
maybe its a good sign and we'll have some other tourney like blindfold

Don't think so. It was before - no ST w/o any reasons or explanations. :) So, just relax and go to RL.
maybe we r stopping at 35th
no stopping
As heckmctreck said it may be any new type of tourneys
I hope this temporary delay in ST mean something special. Like some kind of new tournament is in the process of being prepared or some event :)
yes there will be anew event/tournament because its 3rd aniversary and all that stuff.some1 who said he wont be back in months said me(u know who he is)
Hopefully there will be one more Survival Tournament 4-24 through 4-30 to help everyone level up before the big Anniversary Event (5-1?). Currently, LWM is more fun on lower levels because there are more players on low levels. More tourneys fix this problem.
now also no tourney
also we didnt got last tourney's money =\
wth is it ? :O

rewards are not given out yet!
rewards are not given out yet!

thats it !
when we will get reward :|
The rebels destroyed some parts of the imperial-communication-systems. So no tourney and no reward until they are beaten.

Now go and fight!
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