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Commander guild lvl 15

AuthorCommander guild lvl 15
The old topic is not available now.

I am looking for anyone who's willing to do CG duel/2V2 from 0:00-4:00 server time, or 20:00-4:00 in the weekend
when I'm online I can play .)
This may be of some use:
1. Commander Guild Battle Indicator.
Description: Shows swords next to the Battles in the menu when there is a Commander guild battle available.
Screen shot: https://www.lordswm.com/photo_pl_photos.php?aid=8915
Price: 1000g
You can contact me for any duel/2v2/3v3 !
3#advertising scripts that aint aproved by admins is forbidden;)
You can contact me for any duel/2v2/3v3 !
i'm looking for any duel now, contact me ASAP ;)
Thanks to Limustudotom TasKurPavaro and Vidlak666, we had a few nice CG fights yesterday evening.

I'm now looking again for CG fights. Join my duel ! (easy win you can adapt your troops recruitment and talent built to my character :p)
I am usually open for CG battles when I'm online...just PM me
more players are needed.

Don't be afraid, come test your skills !
You can contact me for any duel/2v2/3v3 !
Why can't i join an existing duel ?
I'm full art so far above the 48 AP, only shop arts and no enchant.
Use create button on the right. In duel you don't join, you create your team then the system randomly matches them every 15 min.
ok, so next time we'll eventually meet ^^
This topic is long since last update and considered obsolete for further discussions.
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