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5 Things about the member above you


Author5 Things about the member above you
1.Loves the tavern
2.Wife of dan-panic
3.Is 20 yrs old.
4.Lives in New Zealand or atleast I think she does
5.Part of warriors guild
1. roulette addict :P
2. great friend
3. has over 500K gold :)
4. won't leave the game just a break :)
5. liverpool fan :D
1.Loves the number 36 :P
2.Great friend too :)
3.Great donor to the game also xD
4.Feyenoord fan
5.Favorite player is Dirk Kuyt :D
1.lies about his quitting on this game
3.hopes to get cleaning my house someday
4.likes number 5 bit too much
5.is smart enough to understand football is crying men game
1. idiot!
2. is hated by some as well as loved
3. loves to boast
4. loves to tease
5. loves to fight
6. is lvl 14 and an elf
srry 6 pts.
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