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why you find me to be the best player of lwm


Authorwhy you find me to be the best player of lwm
I'd say naapa92 is the best because he has opened a "pointless" topic and is getting a lot of nice words for some money he isn't going to give (most certainly). Also for going on the 3rd page of his topic by my post :P

You gotta give me the 2000 gold now!! Please I need it for some armor :P
do i have to give that prize:D?
have started to think maybe i jsut use this 2000to srys wedding present??
good decision naapa:P

I wrote a long list why you are the best and I hate writing long lists!
If you will give me 2000 gold, I say the answer. But money first
money is awarded already to great finish player soturi570
closed by naapa92 (2011-05-15 13:04:52)
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