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how many fsp in 1 battle ?

Authorhow many fsp in 1 battle ?
i got 9.4 fsp in this battle :)

I saw Surim got more than 11 fsp once in saboteurs battle

My record is 9.67 fsp:

12.08, highest i have seen in this event so far
Just join two low level players with min AP and go max AP yourself
Since it is evenly distributed regarding AP and level.

(if you mean most fsp ever, look for high level 6 FFA, i think they can get over 20 fsp )
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9.65 this battle , how to increase

lol was about to say that i got over 12 fsp but then i watched sven his post :P
Any ways to increase the fsp u can get per battle?
Any ways to increase the fsp u can get per battle?

wear more equipment; fsp are proportional to AP
12.43 SP for me
corection 12.39
What's the question ?!? -.-'
Topic moved from "Queries and help" to "Off-game forum".
how did you move it to off game forum without an automatically created post like #4

there you have a question :)
nvm #14 i was too fast

and 13.12 here:
The post shows up only a few minutes after the thread is moved :)
humm i'm pretty sure this has something to do with the game so why is it in ogf
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