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2011 Champions League Final. Prediction time


Author2011 Champions League Final. Prediction time
So...we all watched Messi score that wonder second goal against Madrid, and Manchester United hammering Schalke 6-1...
Who do YOU think is going to win at Wembley??

My prediction,

Barcelona to win narrowly, 2-1 or 3-2

How about you guys?
^^ Hala madrid!
Barcelona will win.. big time.. 5-0
Barcelona will win 2-0.
Goals will be scored by Messi at the 27th minute and David Villa at the 73rd minute :P
Vidic will be sent off xD
Barcelona FTW! that's the only team I know :/
Reaper I like that! :P
Reaper I like that! :P
barca will win i think, i hope messi scores a goal like he did against madrid in the first leg
Ya that goal should be a goal of the tournament candidate IMO.
Which goal do you think is better? Stankovic against Schalke or Messi's 2nd against Real?
do you mean from the half way line if so i think stankovic's goal was kinda lucky
Yes i mean that one. There was some luck, but the volley was still great if you ask me.
i know you are right but it fell perfect for him and plus why did the keeper run and head the ball :)
Barca 5-0..... at HT. Man Utd 9-8 after ET. :)
for Jedi-Knight: lol
By no means barcelona would be losing this one.This is a team who is feared by every club in the world.And most important thing it is quite balanced.

Messi and villa are doing outstanding job as forwards,iniesta plays like a mastermin and xavi is rich in skill and experience and in def. puyol,and gerard pique have been always awesome this is one of the greatest teams in soccer history.

-A Barca Fan
barcelona - 99%
barca 3-1
football is borest game to watch ever.
manchester United 3-2 barca
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