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Any Good Movies ?


AuthorAny Good Movies ?
Hey yal,
Can you tell me any good english movies ?

Thanks :D
Pirates of the Caribbean 3D
Scream 4
Hungover 2
super 8
the new harry potter movie..
the new transformers movie..
the new Xmen movie..

many more.. here refer to this link
the last 3 r nt even released xD

and its hangover, not hungover :P
anyway tnx a lot :D
little fockers
lookz intrstin
its a funny movie:)
and any 1 tell me good site to download movies for free in HD?
don't know if you've seen them... but little fockers is best when you've seen meet the parents and meet the fockers first :)
for angeleyes81: tnx fr the advice dude, will do :D

for great_barb: try piratebay, but make sure to seach well, gd lck pal
isohunt.com is good too
The lord of the rings two towers

This is England


All of these are really intresting and maybe funny :)
hav watched al Lord Of The Rings and hav them al :D
Have you seen U-571? (Not 100% sure about the number)

Great movie, even though little old
There is a lot of epic movies ..

matrix 1-2-3
resident evil 1-2-3-4

nd many more
true !
matrix 1-2-3
resident evil 1-2-3-4

epic favs :D
I'm much into intellectual filmwork,well don't know what's ur age is if it's less than 15 then don't bother seeing them,you need to be more intelligent than a kid.

My latest favoraites:
source code
Eternal sunshine of spotless mind.
gimme sum examples of intellectual filmwork ...
anyway im 16, so go ahead ^^'
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