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Any Good Movies ?


AuthorAny Good Movies ?
Paranomal activity
1 to 4
from paris with love
er not 1-4
lord of the rings 1 to 3

Prince of persia

black hawk down

Twilight saga

and what not
Few of my favorites :)
Pulp fiction.
Shutter Island.
The departed.
Shawshank redemption.

There are more but cant recollect anything atm. :)
for Goku_30:
My latest favoraites:
source code
Eternal sunshine of spotless mind.

both of them got 5/5 in rating and yeah as a teenager,I think you ought to see twilight:P
Schindler's List ^^
for Igles:
all watched :P

for Reaperthug:
hav watchd nly shutter island

for blazingarpit:
jst read source's code plot n its pretty mch intrstin, tnx a lot, im gna try to get it....
PS : i luv those kind off movies, nt only love or action or comedy ^^

for Reaperthug:
hav heard abt it sumwher ... idk whr o.O
300 and Gladiator! :D

Great classics for a good plot line!
Kung Fu Panda 2
It's pretty nice and has a base storyline with details.
Unless you haven't watched number one , i don't suggest watching this
for FAILbot:
downloaded it but bad quality so still searchin for a good quality and ofc i watched the first one, damn hilarious :D
saw I-VII
VII = VI in 3D by the way
SAW IS A ROCKIN GORE ONE !! :D luv it !!!
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