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NBA Finals 2011 (sharing your thoughts)

AuthorNBA Finals 2011 (sharing your thoughts)
So the story came to it's end today's late night as the Dallas Mavericks has clinched their first ever NBA championship.

There were lots of stories going on like Dirk's illness, Wade and 'Bron mocking his illness in front of the NBATV camera crew, all that hype around the South Beach that has lasted from the last summer when Miami have signed it's "Big 3" in James, Bosh and Wade, all that trash talking troughout the season involving both teams' players and of course Mark Cuban himself (widely known for his big mouth which costs him big bucks in fines from the Association), aging Jason Kidd and his desparity for the title before he hangs his sneakers after a long and colorful career, Dirk's amazing performance in the playoffs in general and in the Finals in particular, the Mavs' sweap of the Lakers, the defeat of the Boston Celtics by the young and ambitious Heat team, James' boasts of 'winning multiple championships, not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6...' and the list goes on and on.

In other words these Finals were epic not to mention they have gathered the highest TV ratings breaking all the previous known charts.

Oh, did I mention the fact the even the islamistic TV chanel 'Al Dzhazira' have aired this year's NBA Finals which has happened for the very first time in it's history?

So probably these Finals are worth some discussion here as well and I invite all of you, basketball fans, join this conversation and share your thoughts and opinions on how you felt about these Finals and those little stories leading to all that hype this year's 'clash of the basketball titans' has generated worldwide.

PS: if you ask me, who was my favorite team in these Finals I'd say it was Miami since I admired Wade a lot since his rookie season. I've been cheering for Miami back in 2006 Finals as well.

As to my favorite team leaguewide it's the New York Knicks and I've been bleeding orange and blue since the post-Jordan era, since 1999 when they played the Spurs in the NBA Finals '99.
I'll be watching it tonight..

My favourite team was the New York Knicks but now it's the Rockets:)
I'll be watching it tonight
I guarantee you wouldn't regret) It was hell of a game to watch (I was watching it live this night, it was something unbelievable).
Sixers Lakers Celtics wars way back was the best basketball I ever watched.

Larry Bird, best pure shooter all time.

He was so good at shooting 3 pointers that he entered the locker room before the 3 point shooting contest and said "I want all of you to know I am winning this thing. I'm just looking around to see who's gonna finish up second." Then he promptly went out and won it.

Happy for Dirk. Gotta root for the white guy )

Second favorite player...Reggie Miller..for shutting up that loudmouth Spike Lee, who had no right to sit on the Knicks bench.


Felt sorry for Patrick though as he was a class act all the way.
Lakers rules! Who against will play Mavericks?
Lakers rules
These playoffs they were demolished by the Mavs so it's hard to say they somehow rule.

Mavs were withstood by the Heat in these Finals and the Miami team failed.
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