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38th Survival Tournament Result


Author38th Survival Tournament Result
when we'll get award ?
when we'll get award ?
Before the next sunday (june 25), most probably...
3rd lvl 10 barbs
1st lvl 10 elf, 2nd lvl 7 barb, 3rd lvl 8 barb :D

bad luck on mixed tournament :(
very bad luck for me 4th in both lv7 and lv8 barb
lv10 barb - 4th place...
unlucky as always :P
For this 38th Survival Tournament, does anyone know :
-When the awards will be dispensed?
-How awards will be dispensed??? For example what position get what and how much?
-Does Top 10 in get any awards???
lvl 5 knight 6 position
2nd ;)
My question is also: the top how much will get an award?
3? 5? 10?
level 3 and 4 barb third places(

The main prize is split between the top 3, 50% for 1st then I think its 30% for 2nd and 20% for 3rd, those %'s might be inaccurate though.

The incentive prize is then split between the top 10%. So if 40 people competed in knight faction, for example, the top 4 would receive an award, each person getting the same amount.

Each prize is split between all factions though, so if you get into the 10% example I used above you wouldn't get 1/4 of the prize. You'd need to divide the total prize by the no. of players in the top 10% for each faction. So if there were 25 people overall who made the top 10% across the factions, you'd have to divide by 25.

Same goes for the main prize, you'd need to divide by 7 in that case (7 factions) to get the overall prize for the top 3, then work out the individual amounts from each one from the %s.

example: the main prize for level 8 this time was 236,480, which divided by 7 gives 33,782 gold to be split among the top 3 in each faction. First prize will give 16,891 gold, second 10,134 gold and third 6,756 gold.

The incentive prize was 145,920 gold. there were 12 people who made the top 10% across the factions. So each of those players will receive 12,160 gold.
omg :DDDD
Thanks Vanafras.
The top 10%? There was 16 competitors of Demons lvl10 and average of all faction competitors was 16.14. This means the first one gets the main first prize and the incentive prize too?
yeah, in the demon faction only the person who came in first will get a prize.
...Incentive prize even :P the top 3 would get something from the main prize of course.
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