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So I'm sure everyone has does these kinds of games before...here's the rules:

You take a given word and then using the letters within that word you have to find as many others smaller words that you can (3 letters or more). For example:

If I choose the word "football" I can find the words:

Foot, Ball, Fall, Tab, Lab, Lot, etcetera

So, each player post all the words they can find. The first word is: LORDSWMDOTCOM
Alright, no takers yet? How about I up the stakes?

This is your chance to outshine Skunder, and make money. Anyone who can find more words than I did will receive a prize! The prize will be gold based and will be determined by 500 gold * the amount of LEGITIMATE words you find MORE THAN me (thus if you find 2 words more than me you receive 1000 gold). Simple.

Words can't be less than 3 letters long.
Words can not be proper nouns, such as names of people or objects, etc.
The FIRST to CORRECTLY find more words than me, and post them, wins. Only 1 wins.

I spent literally 3 minutes and found 18 words. Go!
Dot . Lot . Lord . Sword. Word . Door . Sold . Mold . Told . Cold . Old . Mom . World . Wot . Mor . Moo . Cow . Rod . Odd . Lost . Most . Cost . Slow . Low . Sow .
are you going to make a new word later?? o..o
Nice. I count 23 words (WOT and MOR are not actual words).

5 * 500 = 2500
cha ching

Other words I also found:

door (s)
cord (s)
mod (s)
row (s)
O.o are you going to start a new one?
Yes. I will do one per day.

Lord , Lords , Lot , Lots , Lost , Worm , Worms , Dot , Dots , Door , Doors , Low , Mow , Moo , Most , Mom , Moms , Cool , Cools , Cord , Cords , Cow , Cows , Doctor , Doctors , Do , Rod , Rods , Row , Rows , Tow , Tows ...
as per the rules:
The FIRST to CORRECTLY find more words than me, and post them, wins. Only 1 wins.

but impressive nonetheless. i will be posting a new one in about an hour (since it's technically a new day for me then.
for Skunder:

>=P ... just testing...
New word and new rule.

The word is MODERATOR

I gave myself a time limit and I found 41 words, but I am leaving out 6 words purposely (thus 35 below). If you find a word not in my list you win 100 gold, and 500 if you find one of the 6 words I purposely left out. There is a time limit...

(Hint: all but 1 of the 'left out words' has 5 letters or more)

Ate, Atom, Dare, Date, Dear, Doom, Door, Dot, Ear, Eat, Mare, Mate, Meat, Moat, Mod, Mode, Mood, More, Motor, Oat, Ode, Rare, Rat, Rate, Rear, Red, Roar, Rode, Room, Root, Tame, Tea, Tear, Tom (as in a male turkey not the name), Tore
You don't get a reward if you "discover" a word that someone had used anytime before you (me or other players).

And just for conveince, please post all words on 1 post, much thanks. =P
Order, Odor, rodeo

Mod , Rat , Rod , Rome , Mode , More , Terra , Red , Door , Dome , Dorm , Roam , Rate , Ram , Order , Rater , Tar , Tome , Doom , Room , Read , Dear
My final: Order, odor, rodeo, dream (sorry for double post).
I see my Word thats u don have...

Tearoom (not sure if that counts), doormat, mat, rod.
Sorry I didn't see post #16 (didn't refresh the page) so please don't give me points for rod.
So far, just tallying things here:

Dragoneater: (1200) Order *, Odor, Rodeo, Dream *
Hypothermia: (800) Rod, Terra, Dome, Roam, Ram, Tar, Rater, Read (not Rome)
qulows: (300) Tearoom, Doormat, Mat

* Means this is one of the 6 'left out' words. 4 more to go.

- "Rome" falls under this rule: Words can not be proper nouns, such as names of people or objects, etc.
Here are the words I could find (In alphabetical order for convenience):

Adore, Arm, Armed, Art, Ate, Atom, Dare, Dart, Date, Dear, Demo, Do, Dome, Doom, Door, Dorm, Dot, Drat, Dream, Dreamt, Ear, Eat, Mad, Made, Mare, Mat, Mate, Me, Mead, Met, Metro, Moat, Mode, Mood, Mortar, Motor, Oar, Oat, Order, Ram, Rare, Rat, Rate, Rated, Read, Red, Redo, Retro, Road, Roam, Roar, Roared, Rod, Rode, Room, Root, Rot, Rotor, Tame, Tamed, Tar, Tea, Team, Tear, Tearoom (I hope this counts), Term, Terra, Toad, Toe, Too, Tore, Trade, Trader, Tram, Tread, Tremor, Trod.

These were all the words I could find :) (If any mistakes, pls correct them)
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