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[Lease][Enchanted Weapon & Armor][4x10% & D-10%][CL

Author[Lease][Enchanted Weapon & Armor][4x10% & D-10%][CL
Sword of Might 4x10% [E10A10W10F10] [CL 7]

do almost 40% more damage with all your troops with this magnific sword for as low as:
1050 gold/combat
950 gold/combat for 153# Clan Mates - LoS

Fullmithril Armor [D10] [CL 12]

Decrease 10% attack of all enemies with this magnific armor for as low as:
500 gold/combat
450 gold/combat for 153# Clan Mates - LoS

1 battle = 0.15 days

PM me if interested , Im online several times a day with mobile if not in PC.
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