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Open Dual Challenge !


AuthorOpen Dual Challenge !
I am here of open dual challenges.. PM me if u r interested in it ! :)

challenges accepted frm lvl 8 - 10

lvl 8 - 20 AP
lvl 9 - Min AP
lvl 10 - Min AP without tier 3 upgrade !

Good luck ! Post ur interests here ! :)
and what ap will you be wearing ??
i accept your challenge
for great_barb: your a level 11 ?? not 8,9 or 10
i wont get tire 4 creature nor tire 6 if he want
nah ! ur permission is denied Great_Barb !

for merlin36:
thats according to my opponent's faction ! :)

1 man gave application !

others can ask him for dual too ! :)
Challenge is open only for limited time !
i could easy beat u with a ittle mire than 20 ap
yeah ! challenges are not created for accomplishing them easily ! u have to fight hard ! :)
any knight can easily get u
or a barb also
if u want to stand in front of arch in 1V1 beter get tactics talent
a small tip
Challenge Accept.
sry for posting with multi
possible challengers :
Wake up people ! Apply ur Applications here !
U all will be challenged for sure !
Still sleepy --"
wake ehm up !! Come battle with us !!
i accept challange
haha ! nice try dude ! lvl 12 challenge rejected !
greatmagenish and ninja9 will be challenged soon...

More challengers welcomed !
First battle of the challenge..


More battles and challengers welcomed !
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