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legal GM scripts including the all mighty COMPLEX ROUTE

Authorlegal GM scripts including the all mighty COMPLEX ROUTE
i offer many LEGAL gm scripts such as
1.timers tells you when you have to enroll hunt merc guild quest when your blacksmith is done and also a stop watch accessory
2. progress bar tells you your percentage needed to gain a level for just about everything
3. complex route lets you travel more than one place at a time so you can travel from yellow lake all the way to silent hill with one click
and many many more cheap prices pm me and it takes as little as 3 minutes
3.24.1. It is forbidden to post links to any programs and scripts except those by LazyGreg, xo4yxa, HapblB, and Antviolence. Beware of forgery.

Therefore there are two options:
1. If they are your scripts they are not legal, since only allowed official scripts were made by players above.
2. You are selling someone`s work, because creators of these scripts created them to use for free by everyone.

Here is the old link to some of the legal scripts: http://www.warriors-guild.org/forum/viewtopic.php?f=4&t=374

Browse through forum to find some new, updated scripts(using search funcion "legal scripts").
nah !!
all these scripts are available in WGW and A&D official websites !! :)

It is forbidden to post links
i never posted no links
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