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Funny things about game


AuthorFunny things about game
Hey guys i hope you will enjoy this.Lets create story about battles with units.How the units attack and then funny things happen.

A group battle.Barbarian hero's turn is now.He is going to do stunning blow.Once he is right on his way,casters cast rapid.Due to wind,he slipped.At that time demon player opens a gating area.He falls right into it and fell into hell.And the barbarian fell into the pit with demons.

Post your funny comments also.
listen sprites or faeries voice when hit or die
listen sprites or faeries voice when hit or die
my dad thought i was watching porn lol
dont lie N4p0le0N u were :) but that was your excuse lmfao :P
Ironroot treefolks are sleeping peacefully.Some hero thinking it as sandalwood.Cut it and sold in market for 185 gold for 1 piece upto 50 pieces!
Hey players comment!
3 comment)

Angler fishes come forward demons gating and fall into it.When their chances come,they were all fried(Hope they add chilly to it!)
can you really save 1 percent or more when you switch to gieco. do imps really drain mana. "you damn imps stop draining my mana".
A skeletal dragon went to a doctor.He said,"Man!you look bony!Eat well!".
Please tell lordswm based jokes here
Once an DE hero won a tournament and got a handful of money from Empire.With that he bought an amulet of luck and just strolled around the forest.While he was walking,he heard a strange sound.Luck befalled him!He caught a cape of spirit that flew away his head.With happiness he walked for some distance,an elf claimed that it is his.Both argued.They went to lordswm juries.

Empire:Let me see the cape of spirits.Hmmm.....There are no written
transactions....So you,the elf will go home with your cape.
And you pay 5000 for illegal transfers and I order you a ban for three
days.Never show your face until the three days!Over.Over.Over.

Moral:Bad luck too befalls.So next watch keenly whether the luck is downwards
or upwards!
One a knight received an order from his to undertake a secret mission.He handed a letter to the knight.Then when he was travelling,he was ambushed by brigands of armies.After evading it,he went successfully back with another letter.Again he was ambushed.In eager of what is in the letter,before delivering he saw it.
He was very much in anger when he saw the letter.

"Happy April Fool's day.We know you would see if you don't have patience.So finally you saw it.Hehehehe!"

He tore apart the letter inspite of wasting his arts!
You notice traces leading to a camp of Voracious anglerfish (131), it doesn't take a genius to understand that they possess 141 gold.

perhaps not genius but a great deal of bravery to go through their pockets!
Yeah navimegaman,let's continue more lordswm based jokes here!
a rogue was running through the forest, and saw a forest keeper. the fk got ready to attack and rogue used its knives to counter and the trees seemed to become alive and make a huge treefolks, ready to attack too. the dark elf, hero of that rogue said "COME BACK!" but rogue coudn't listen and.......................

they killed a skeleton!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

the rogue's hero became lv 15 FOR THAT!!!
why this thread almost became a one man forum thread ??? :o
nice the_TJ!

and for -_NO--NAME_-:
If you wan't to post something useful,then post and go.Just don't stroll on other's forums.You have a thread of your's and mind your business there.
A legion of Infected zombies sometime met some sprites in a forest .. They were looking for food from living ones .. :)

Those sprites were afraid at the first time seeing cruel and ugly faces .. :)

But the zombies chased after them .. and try to eat them .. :)

Sprites : Let us "hit" them .. !!
Zombies : AARRRGGGHHHH !!!
Sprites : Let u all feel my fists !! (broad attack performed and zombies are confused where they came from)
--> Sprites hit them again from behind !! And chopped out their heads .. :(
Zombies-Heads : Damn (sorry), how could u be that fast ???
Sprites : we are all afraid of ur ugly faces and really want to chop them out .. :) Let us give their heads to the underworld .. some wild hydras are waiting to make them as a necklace .. :)

for Acron:

forgot what you have done in my flood topic ?
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