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43rd Survival Tournament RESULTS


Author43rd Survival Tournament RESULTS
Same, first place in one tries ^^
back into the game, lvl 10 did not meet the special competition for the Knights a 1 place with an 1 attempt
i did only 1 try nd that was 70k!if i try my score was upto 150k!
shit i missed some golds!
7th at level 6 knights. 22 points away from 6th :P
when do we get prizes? :/
i last played 3RD survival tournament when i was lvl 6 barbarian - got 15th rank
....left the game for a while ....
i participated again in 43RD survival tournament lvl 7 barbarian - got 3rd rank
....hats off to bolnoi-na, mastermind game ......
when do we get prizes? :/

In a week I believe.
1st level 3 elf :D
13cl knight 2 place.
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