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Survival tournament rewards

AuthorSurvival tournament rewards

I am not sure that this idea is new, but I would like to open discussion about it and also hope that rules will be reevaluated.
My issue is the split of incentive price during survival tournament.
As I understood well, the main logic behind of this rule was to give reward also for those players, who could not ranked in first 3 position, but made effort on tourney.
I agree with this part, but what is the situation when there are less than 10 players attending in the same faction during the tourney?
According to the rules:
Incentive prize is split equally between top 10% participants of every faction.
Example: 68 Knights, 32 Necromancers, 43 Wizards, 81 Elves, 54 Barbarians, 77 Dark elves and 60 Demons took place in the tournament. Top 6 Knights, Top 3 Necromancers... Top 6 Demons will split up the Incentive prize evenly.

So the answer is that players (where were less than 10 participants) do not get incentive prize.

In my opinion this rule should be changed. There are some lucky players (where there were more than 10 participants) who can get the full amount alone. And other players who also ranked on top do not get anything.

My proposal is:
If there were not enough player in a faction to split incentive price, put the incetive part to the basic, therefore all those players who ranked will not lose money on it.

Please let me know if I was not clear and I try to describe it more detalily.


I agree that current Incentive prize system should be changed. This system works well on low and middle levels, but completely unfair on the high levels where only 1-2 popular factions grab all Incentive prize.
agree +1
Totally Agreed . . . Just because I hardly ever get the Incentive! =P

reduce or cancel incentive prize and increase basic prize for top 3 for all factions..
This was the reason why this incentive prize can demotivate the players if you can see that what Rzeee mentioned above.

The admins should solve this for the players - I agree with CreatorOfWindows....

for hight lvls much more motivation if incenzive change as surim wrote
+ for change anyway
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