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the game takes 10 minu for next minu i think it should be 5 minu or 3 minu and poker also should be made

the Big Sink O' Gold is wide enough as it is...

admins would like the idea though, as well as the roulette addicts...
-1 !

presently, many are getting their gold to ZERO in a day or two.. do u want them to make it in 5 hours ?? -_-"
The long time is for players to copy each other. Also this game really isn't for you to just sit there and play only roulette. Do a battle or 2 between roulette spins. :)
obviously if your not a big roulette player dont comment on the thread :D

i think the 10 min is alright theres only a few times whe i wish it was less time like when i need to go away or something like that lol

and for poker that would be awesome love that game

+1 for me and Rudra-God dw about these sad sacks :P giving it a -1 the roulette players and gambling addicts will like ti i think lol
poker also should be made
poker also should be made
I admit, I am a sad sack who doesn't possess the ability to lose hundreds of thousands of gold in just a few hours. Sometimes, I lay awake at night, thinking...if only I could go bankrupt that quick. If only I could turn into one of those players who spend most of their online time composing mails to other players to beg for gold to fuel their own roulette addiction and attempting to pay back impossible loans. But alas, I'm just not that fortunate :(

-1 for 'improving' roulette.

+1 for poker. At least then it would be players taking gold from each other :)
+1 for poker. At least then it would be players taking gold from each other :)
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