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market auctions

Authormarket auctions
their should be a section under what items you have for sale in the market that says "bids"
this would show all current bids on items you have. they should stay until you dismiss them or the auction is up.

this would allow you to see what you have bids on when you have lots of them going and this would let u know if you were outbid.

just something that would help
and possibly a pm alert if you are outbid
Or maybe a limiter? Like you want to keep bidding each time you're outbid, but only to a certain amount. Like you set it at 500, and everytime you're outbid the game bids for you to the next winning bid, but once it goes over your set amount (500) it'll drop you out and you won't have to bid anymore.
Something that looks like screen shot 22.
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