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Answers in justice forums

AuthorAnswers in justice forums
Recently i reported someone for griefing/teamattacking in the justice forum and all i can see is that the thread got locked and the guy isnt banned/blocked/whatever (according to his profile).

Would be really nice, if admins/mods could answer with 1-2 sentences before they lock a thread. Something like
"Banned for 7 days. Reason: ..."
"Warned and will be watched."

Otherwise for me it seems like you can do whatever you want.
10-23-11 03:55: Player was imposed a penalty of 5000 gold. // Bad sportsmanship, attacking the allied troops, giveaway combat; warid=32314887
So, why isnt something like that posted directly in the accusation thread?
why should it be ?
he got punished isn't that the main point, why giving keepers more work to do ?
Because it would show directly that they do something, not hidden in the transfer log (btw: thx for posting this, didnt look in there before). For a new player like myself it just looks strange when all those threads just get closed without any discussion/answer. This doesnt increase trust in admins. And pressing ctrl+c, ctrl+v, post message doesnt seem like much more work then watching a warlog to see what actually happened.
You can always look at the player's transfer log whether the player is punished or not.

If the keepers would answer in these topics, they would also "bump" them.
1. Thanks @ Magier for reopening the thread.

2. "You can always look at the player's transfer log whether the player is punished or not."

Yes, i know that now. But the first impression of admin work i got was: admins lock threads and admins ban people for posting with an alt char or full caps title. Was very weird not to see directly what they do about people violating the rules.
And the transfer log seems like a weird place for this. If between his punishment and me looking if he got punished someone transferred 1 gold to 100 people (i know, very unrealistic) i would have to look through serveral pages. Then i find some punishment message and ask myself "hmm, was this the warid i posted about? no. maybe i overlooked the right one. or he didnt get punished. ...". So what i miss there is the direct and obvious link between accusation and punishment.

3. "If the keepers would answer in these topics, they would also "bump" them."

I dont really see the problem with that. You take the oldest open thread, look at the proof, take your action, post a short message about it and lock the thread. When youre done with all threads, theyre in the same order as before, all got looked at. So is there any other reason why you wouldnt want to bump these threads?
why punish someone 'in public'? im my oppinion its enough that you can read about punishment in transfer log
"why punish someone 'in public'?"

Because if they get punished, there is a reason for it. For example staged combats, always being afk in battles, ...
If you punish him 'in public' everyone can see that they should think twice before they join a combat with this guy.

Right now you cant really see if the guy was "guilty" or not. Un less you look through his transfer log, which is not very intuitive in my eyes. Yeah, i repeat myself.
"Right now you cant really see if the guy was "guilty" or not"

wrong, u can see in transferlog and its not hard to find coz its written in fat letters

if someone was punished - guilty or not, there is no need to point the finger on him or here again, writing some lines is needless extrawork for admins
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