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Card Tournament


AuthorCard Tournament
The next card tournament will begin at 16:00

8 hour to go !
if they do it as on .ru, then there are limited spots available
for example a 64 player tournament, then first 64 players that join and pay participation fee get in. They play a knock-out system.
And if i recal correctly the best four get some of the prize money (64*1000 from the participation fees)
knock out system, and last four get the gold ? so that is 4 rounds ?
64 -> 32 = 1st round
32 -> 16 = 2nd round
16 -> 8 = 3rd round
8 -> 4 = 4th round
4 -> 2 = 5th round (semi final)
2 -> 1 = 6th round (final)

so for a 64 player tournament you have to win at least 4 games in a row.

(on the russian server they have 128-64-32 player tournaments and they are always filled within seconds after the tournament starts)

for example:
http://www.heroeswm.ru/arc_tour_hist.php?id=9531 (128 players)
http://www.heroeswm.ru/arc_tour_hist.php?id=9532 (32 players)
do we get some prize if we wins card tourn ?
it costs 1k gold to join, all participation fees together is the prize pool for top4 players. (admins do not add extra gold)
it is something like:
no1: 40%
no2: 30%
no3 / no4: 15%

(not sure about the exact percentages, but it is something like that)
oh that sounds cool
[Post deleted by moderator Yuri_Gagarin // missleading]
http://www.heroeswm.ru/arc_tour_hist.php?id=9532 (32 players)

then it is 256 - 128 - 64 - 32
But i doubt 256 will ever come to our server. Never enough players for that.
[Post deleted by moderator Yuri_Gagarin // missleading]
i missed it >.<
suddenly it was moved 3h forward
for Sven91:

You were right ^^ 32 players for that server.
Current one is a test tournament.
Still an achievement to draw ;-)
now it shows
it will start in 14:00 server time

I lost by "game over by timeout"... While I did not afk. What happened? Is it restricted in time or amount of card played in some way?

I lost by "game over by timeout"... While I did not afk. What happened? Is it restricted in time or amount of card played in some way?

10 mins for game, then player with the highest tower wins
Correct, due to limited duration for each tournament, each game within the tournament must end in a limited amount of time.
All tournament games are played by Great Capital rules, which makes it possible to finish it quicker, but that doesn't always happen, so additional limit mechanics was introduced.
At this time hourly 32-man test Leagues are planned, until 16:00. At that time we're intending to make a test Tournament (64-man).
These plans may change at any moment :-P
Gratz Alyna!
Gratz Alyna!
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