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Afk in 2 vs 2 Comander guild battle (recomplain)

AuthorAfk in 2 vs 2 Comander guild battle (recomplain)
my previous complain was closed and both of those went afk were not punished.. this is the link of the battle.


moderator, pls explain before closing the thread next time, coz we dont know wat action is taken out
[Player banned by moderator cantbstopped until 2011-11-10 15:34:00 // rules #3, 4 of the C&A LRs, relapse x2]
3. It's forbidden to double-post applications, as well as bumping ("upping") them up by leaving pointless messages. A topic closed means that the affair is considered and actions are taken.
4. Questions concerning closed affairs, requests and other attempts to contact the Administration are made with the help of Secretary. Violation of this rule is penalized by at least 24 hour ban.
closed by Lord cantbstopped (2011-11-07 19:33:08)
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