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Mercenaries Guild

AuthorMercenaries Guild
I have the feeling that I am only getting quests that are too big for me. And I know that there are more than enough quests that I still can do. Maybe it is an idea to put in categories so you can choose between monster, army, raid etc.

Another option would be that lower quests need to be done before the other ones pop up, or like the hunter guild let us choose between two quests. Because now itís really taking me ages to get a quest I can do and its more frustrating than fun.

~ Yellow Lake: Raids, Armies, Invaders, Conspirators.
~ Seraph's Tears: Monsters, Brigands, Vanguards.

4. The Mercenaries' guild has excitedly announced the opening of a new office in Seraph's Tears location! The two representations are now specialized. The chance of getting a specialty-matching errand is 70%, while the chance of getting a non-matching errand is 30%.

The Yellow Lake office specializes in: Raids, Armies, Invaders, Conspirators. The Seraph's Tears office specializes in: Monsters, Brigands, Vanguards.

Although this is an attempt to give players the opportunity to choose, I didn't notice a really big difference.

they could make the two MG-HQ's (more) independent... as in: specialty-matching 100%. That way, you have a bit more grip on what type of quest you will get.

Also, if you get (or pass) a quest, you get (or pass) that quest at both HQ's. Would be nice if those two HQ's would be independent. Get a quest at one HQ, get another quest at the other HQ, and if a quest gets passed, the quest at the other HQ stays up.
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