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Wouldn't it be nice to set your status as offline but still be online. Or say it as inactive be back in 5,10, or 15 minutes. So that you can leave LordsWM up and walk away so that it is quick access when you come back?
its not msn or whatever lol

but still

It could still prove useful to some if not all players.
good idea +1 we don't know when some work will come 2 us

a month before this happened 2 me I and my friend were messaging each other suddenly my mom called me and I went at the same time he asked me for a loan I was not there so I could not reply he thought I was angry as he was asking for loan again and again

Now 2 days before I told him all this till day before yesterday he did not message me which he does daily this situation would have been avoided if I would put I will come back in 5-10 minutes

you wanna do the admin job?

Then why admins have no online or offline mode....this is a tricky cheating part..

Because if you log and the next time you are doing battle...will it says as player is offline but doing a battle?!!!......

i think logging out and then loggin in is quick access enough. It takes me 3 seconds to log in. 1 second to log out.

Why do you need to do it? You can leave yourself logged in and do something else with no detrimental effects, you don't get penalised for being logged in but not doing anything or something like that. Completely and utterly pointless. Just stay logged in and come back to it when you want to play.
What happens if you don't want to be bothered? Just play and not receive invited to a GB,asked for assistance to a hunt? You don't want to do the hunt but you don't want to let your friend down.
Then grow a spine :P Decline politely, if they're any friend at all they won't mind. Its a small and pointless change, there are many other far better suggestions out there.

Would be nice when I log in from phone and cannot do CG, PM or rent arts, then people will not have to wait in vain
All noob's like your idea.......because this is useful only for them...
for Acron:
I guess you're a Pro then?
Don't be stupid. If you aren't going to put forward some kind of reasoned argument about the IDEA, not derrogatory statements about other players, then don't bother posting.

You can't send messages from your phone? it works fine from my iTouch and its a couple of years out of date.

Either way, I still don't see how its needed. Sending a pm isn't hard.
Bottomline is it's not worth the programmer's effort.
closed by Blayde (2011-12-20 03:36:31)
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