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New Faction!

AuthorNew Faction!
Renegade Faction.

I think you all know what i mean =]
faction will hv too powerful creatures :p
tooo powerfulllllllll . may be we can reduce their powers
Renegade scouts
Renegade magicians
Renegade thugs

please mention some more
for harddude:
for killtheone:

Drasticly reduce numbers like DE faction DUH
Oh there are NO other creatures so...

make some up?
lvl 15 reneades:

renegade recruits(max 60)
renegade scouts(max 40)
renegade magicians(max 22)
renegade thugs(max 32)
renegade buffers (max 9)
renegade shadows( max 5)
renegade apocaliphsis (max 3)
I think it's too powerful.
Inokkun, you are NO fun

Plus this game needs something to spice it up =]
Chaos Faction

Its Aswome!!!!
how about dragnoid faction all crature dragons that is cool
How about Scrosnarks faction? You don't have any idea, what they are like, but believe me: They are AWESOME! :D
what about dwarfs
how about dalek faction?
What about the Faction called..

IKeelYou4xOv3r. ? :D
when upgrade??
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