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Some players tend to take loans but doesn't give them back and the whole Complaints and applications - Finance and others could be flooded with unpaid loans.
Maybe there could be this type of banks where people take loans from it but they need to give them back to the bank in a specific time(example:1 month)or actions will be automatically taken by the admins/bank management
The time could be based on the amount you have taken,but there must be a maximum amount that can be taken and the time that you need to give it back(1 month maybe)
+1 Great Idea,but no interest.
I think the bank should take it when enrolling automaticly
maybe when the time is up, the amount to be given back will be deducted automatically?

And if Dis happens..Der shd be arts lending market too..at reasonable prize.
maybe when the time is up, the amount to be given back will be deducted automatically?

yes it is a good idea too,if the player doesnt have enough gold,he/she will have - gold
the bank would be bad it's like getting money that isn't around but then giving it away. needs to be player loans why not just have a loan option you put in amount, time, requirments like can only be spent on(so they don't try roulette) this would be convient.

-gold would be ok but more of a penalty should be taken not only should they have to pay back but they should have a plus 5-10% intrest a week they don't pay back (if they go inactive for a month all funds are transfered to loaning party then making them go negitive) make them go - is bad i mean i had 100 gold and turned it in to 3600 but then i also had 10k and lost it all give them a chance to use there money wisely to get them payed back not put them in a super stuck position
empire want us to use our own money.. if tis is introduce.. many will
not open their wallet and spend on tis website ^_^
#4 I don't think it's necessary, since that empire can impose penalty to a player even if it makes his/her money become a negative value, which means they need to earn money in order to relieve the negative value.
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