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Hunt assist for trinkets

AuthorHunt assist for trinkets
As title says, I suggest everyone ask for assist, no matter what the lvl of difficulty is, so they can help each other get more trinkets, since hunts and MG quests need some time to come up again, and in PvP some will win and some will lose.
great idea
very good idea
Combat log of DarknessDoom

DarknessDoom[11] vs Liches (143)
DarknessDoom[11] vs Skeletal dragons (44)
DarknessDoom[11] vs Raiding harpies (185)
DarknessDoom[11] vs Beholders (125)
DarknessDoom[11] vs Orcs (465)

thats what a clan is for, not?
just ask in clan chat to exchange hunts
you share your hunt with him, he shares his hunt with you. Both happy :)
for Sven91:
not only clan,perhaps friends too.
i wish we could trade them
thats what a clan is for, not?
I shared a couple of my hunting, but there were too greedy players. : (
Killed more than half ...
I shared a couple of my hunting, but there were too greedy players. : (
Killed more than half ...

as long as you win, you get trinket.
YUh, share as many as u can .. but do not hope in MG and TG .. :)

BDW, just one question .. does PvP and TG gives trinkets too ?
#4 At naviron: Technically you're right :P, but only the last three were made today and this idea came later up when I was doing nothing :D

#12 At _TheShaman_: yea they do too.
for _TheShaman_:
all combats give you trinkets. if you win
ive been sharing most of mine to start off with now my buddy leveled up lol


so far ive got

GH boots
GH shield
DEF shield
11k exp
14 wood

5 Sulfur
Master Hunter Ring of Dexterity
6 Mercury
16 Wood
Great Hunter amulet
not to bad lol
may be but we lose hg and fsp
Yes please..i love hunt assist

Specially this: https://www.lordswm.com/war.php?lt=-1&warid=33310154

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