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Missing the salt and peper of special holiday events

AuthorMissing the salt and peper of special holiday events
Typical holiday events resonate like this ([q]https://www.lordswm.com/forum_messages.php?tid=1911119)

Hunts, mercenary quests and thief ambushes 40% more often
Troops ready and mana restoration 40% quicker
[...] increasing movement speed by 80%
Faction skill points [...] increased by 20%

Aren't we forgetting something, ladies and gentlemen? This is Lords of War and ***Money*** in the end, ain't it ?

For future events I would like to see part of the official announcements, also an addition like (either or both of):

10. Enrolling 40% more often
10(bis). Work productivity increased by 40% (hence wages too)

Thank you!
+1 i was actually thinking about this same thing =)
+1 either that or rename it lords of war and get your own damn money
Yeah! What happened to Christmas bonus?

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