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Allow us to have the withdraw battle before a battle starts

AuthorAllow us to have the withdraw battle before a battle starts
My suggestion is to allow us to have the withdraw battle before a battle starts.. In this way, when someone do not follow the rules we set, we can withdraw the battle, or tell them so they can change their APs. Besides this, it can also allow people who had join to withdraw from the battle when they could not play.. In this way, it will reduce AFKs as they can withdraw and shut down, instead of having to take up one space and being a AFK during the battle
Interesting but have you thought?

'omg my opponent is wizard, then i quit'

Get what i mean?
I agree with moro88. This suggestion might be great, but it totally depends on player's behaviour, which isn't as good as we would want it to be, otherwise they wouldn't break the rules and join with the amount of AP written in the battle description.
+1 an additional to this or suggestion in the same maner is Ap limit.

the creator chooses etc 10 ap no more no less. if u dont fit ap restriction then beat it beat it .
how about keeping battles with ap limit if it is 8 ap the playes with 9 ap or more cannot join

and and I agree with morm88
well, i didn't thought of that.. Guess i aren't very thoughtful.. thanks for pointing out my mistake moro88
means it was exampls of 8 ap as ap differs for diffrent levels so min ap if the creater wants it for level 5 5ap 6 ap ( AP can differ if we want )player cannot join and it is not neccasry 2 put it we can play with full ap if we want if it is not written like that
there's a serious need to implement some restrictions on battles..
sorry for double post.. but i meet two people, whom they are Russians, thus they can claim they do not understand what is meant by MIN AP, and then wear full arts..



All the above two battles i had stated MIN AP, but the elf and mage, as Russians, "do not understand" and hence, equipped fully

- main account:(sunblitz)
- 2nd account: (Alphonse2)
- Third account: (Alphonse3):(Alphonse3 is to test out on the demon and elf..)
= 4th account: (alphonse4)
:(for fun as when i need to collect money for my three main accounts, i will use this to play.)

(=):(For fun)

* (I..... account.) [Explanation in Alphonse3]

** Sometimes there will be item transferring as my accounts are at different locations, thus, i buy the necessary equipments to pass to the other accounts that need it.. (Note: the items are the same price in the shop)

<There will be no illegal transferring between these accounts. I know all the rules and i will not break it.>

01-23-12 20:11: Transferred item(s): 'Ring of inspiration' [0/12] to be returned until 24-01-12 20:11 ; for 0 battles ; (repairing allowed) to marked_one . Transaction price: 1 Gold, Commission: 1
01-23-12 19:57: Transferred item(s): 'Ring of inspiration' [0/11] to be returned until 24-01-12 19:57 ; for 0 battles ; (repairing allowed) to marked_one . Transaction price: 1 Gold, Commission: 1

you know all the rules and you will not break it ?
a.. sir.. i transfer to marked_one for repair.. marked_one isn't my multi..
Q. How many Adds can i have ?

A. You may have up to three characters. 1 Main and 2 Adds. If you have more, they might get blocked at any moment, and your Main might receive a penalty.

3.9.1. Additional characters are forbidden to post messages at the Main forums. Your communication identity is supposed to go through your main one.

3.13.2. Additional characters are not allowed to enchant or repair other players' items.
3.13.3. Additional characters are not allowed to transfer items for repairing or enchanting.
Smiths and enchanters accepting transfers from multichars share responsibility for violation of this rule.

marked_one isn't my multi yes, but he might in trouble because you.
Why are you posting this here...if you have a problem go put it in the complaints and applications forum, don't clutter up a suggestions thread :P.

As for the idea, as stated previously it'll just end in people leaving all the time before the battle starts if they think they'll lose. +1 for ap restraints though, its a pain when you put min AP in the description then someone decides to join in full arts anyway.
i know i can only have 3 multi.. One moderator told me before.. But since i have created, i just continue playing.. you don't have to tell me the rules.. Well, if you have noticed, my "main account" doesn't seems to be sunblitz anymore.. if you check the combat log, this account is most active.. I can change my profile.

Anyway, don't pull marked_one into the water.. He is innocent.. Everyone knows he repair our used arts, If just because i transfer my arts to marked_one for repairing, and it is a violation of the rule, then there nothing i can say..

to vanafras: Yes, after moro88 pointed out my mistake, i agree on the AP restrictions instead.. I put the links there not for complain, but to support what i want, and that is the AP restrictions..
to cakur: This is I&S forum..If you want to tell him about that please tell him via pm or report him in that section

back to topic: i believe this idea cant be implemented..As player's behaviour is too hard to be predictable
Limit the AP only .. initiators can limit the AP .. :) that is fair enough .. :)
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