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special day of talents

Authorspecial day of talents
if 1 day we get 1000 talent points ,we can take all talents with expert level .

let's see which the strongest !! :)
You can have 1000 talent points, I'll challenge you with 300! :)
yes ! i 200 and u 300 :)
I would just need 100 at ur lvl to kill you guys :o
Or everyone gets 10*combat level talent points. Would like that :D

would be nice to try out all good talents at once ^^

good idea and also the talents of all factions can be added to a single talent wheel on the particular day :D
sry doc but -1 to adding faction skills together... necro with expert def+vitality AND expert fortune doesn't sound like a good idea, better to keep faction talents seperate.
and here i am ready to sing and dance...
would be kinda unfair with huntrecords
How about a tournament with all talents?

But, Talentwheels are very different and it would be unfair for some factions. So, make a Tournament and give the people a choice of, maybe 4, types of talents (attack/defense/chaos magic/...)
for slayerofall

you are right i dint think anout it :D
-1 for making it so hype..
1k talent points ....
talent points are limited because of a reason
u can have one strong part in a combat
attk,def,luck,morale or spells
having them all together will result in a very low strategy game
n especially when its a tournament..
but as we want to try new talents out
they can be limited to
10*combat level talent points till level 7
n then its + 5
so a lvl 8 will have 75 talent points..
lvl 9 has 80
lvl 10 has 95
level 15 has 110
so this will include strategy + fun!!
but i wish it be true
@niranjan2009: So, you think that "Throne Battle" Tournaments are fair? Even admins themselves say that they are not.

I see absolutely no possible reason for not allowing such a fun Tournament :O
-1 .. will be unbalanced in PvP .. maybe good in PvE .. but not in PvP . :)
Maybe make this "thing" only work on hunts and merc guild. that would help everyone. (especially high levels, who, going through their combat logs have a ton of defeats against MG and high neutral creatures...) Also, maybe this could also work in thief ambushes. When this occurs, you would get two talent wheels, 1 normal one (what it is now) for pvp and 1 for pve. The pve wheel would be based on what naranjan suggested and would only be in effect IF you ambush a caravan. If you ambush a player, your talent wheel automatically gets switched to pvp wheel. (If a knight uses rally regularly, but not with "expanded" wheel, then they would get two recruitment pages, on for 1st talent wheel, and another with the expanded wheel.)

Also, this thing could only work in weeks between tournies, to eliminate the tourny problem. CG is pvp combat, so it wouldnt work in there. When doing hunt assist, I think it should also work since it is just 2 players against enemy.

Concerning hunt records, the people who innitially held them with "regular wheels" will still keep thier records, BUT, their could be another record page for people who used "expanded wheel". When you click on top hunters, the page that appears right now would be the first to come up, and the aditional hunt record page would be a link on the bottom of the page. That SHOULD solve the hunting records problem. This way, people can go for records regularly and with the expanded talent wheel.

btw, naranjan, it wouldnt be low strategy game, just a DIFFERENT strategy. :)
also, I agree with #17, and 15, unfortunetly.

hope this helps, if any other "issues" come to light with this idea, pm me and I will try to think of a logical solution to that problem (If any).
niranjan don't make a mess :P
maybe good in PvE
it will be a low strategy game
read the first post again. he said for 1 DAY. so why not! we can have it for 1 day for fun.

it will be a low strategy game
cant be lower than the automatic 4vs4 games lol
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