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when a mod banns u u should be able 2 type message in at least off game forum see for eg I do flooding reguarly from my phone of apple I cannot do battels so I do flooding but when I am banned I cannot do it it becomes very boring

not very important suggestion but will help me very much
That defeats the purpose of a ban.
When you'r bored, just start a Notepad application (or whatever your prefered text processor is on your phone), and flood in there.

Once you've got the adrenaline going and you'r not bored anymore, close the application and if it asks you "Save / Discard / Cancel", just select the button in the middle.

Then you'll be happy, entertained, and not banned too! (talking about killing two birds with one stone? Eh...how about THREE? )

-1 for suggestion.
lol...nice suggestion but i dont think anyone would do that...
*opens up the notepad*

for viren7575
closed by viren7575 (2012-02-16 16:42:58)
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